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This website is out of date and serves as an archive.

New Businesses opening or coming soon:

Stalking Horse Restaurant and microbrewery

(in Steingarten locaation)

FaceValues Health, Beauty, Cosmetics

(in Glidden / Sinclair paint store location)


Pick Pico Success!!!

PICK PICO RETURNED ONCE AGAIN on May 21st,  2017 and a spectacular day was had by all!

If you would like to join on the Pick Pico planning committeee for 2018, please do.  Contact event  Lisa Morocco or Jae Wu.


The first Pick Pico Weekend business promotion program was held June 1-3rd.

The weekend began with students from Westwood Charter serving as the Pico cleanup patrol -- picking up trash and beautifying the commercial street.  The kickoff, MC'ed by Lisa Morocco, featured Westwood Charter student representation, Joan Pellico of CD 5, LAFD rep.  Refreshments were served at Chef Eric's and Heyler Realty.  Discounts and special offers  were listed on the WNC website and were available at shops and restaurants along the street. 

Colorful "Pico Pico" maps with all the local stores listed by category were distributed along with an insert listing all the special offers.  Those brochures will continue to be available until they run out and were funded by the WNC. 

See WNC page for more info


Rancho Park Drugs will be moving to the Laser Disk shop space and former site of the Rancho Park Post Office!  Included in their new home will be the U.S. Post Office contract station.  


Anawalt Lumber has been rumored to have been sold.  However, those who have spoken with the management there have been assured that the property has not been sold and that Anawalt intends to continue in operation at the current location at Pico and Sepulveda.  


Marijuana Dispensaries:  The City of Los Angeles has taken action to close down many marijuana dispensaries.  However, since the closures were implemented, a number of new dispensaries have opened.   Please report any newly opened dispensaries to our HOA:  We will report the openings to the City Attorney's office. 

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