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This website is out of date and serves as an archive.

You don't have to attend meetings to contribute to  the WSSM community!

New issues come up from time to time and with those issues come the opportunity for  neighbors to get involved.  If you have time and interest, let us know and we can tell you what is needed.  If there is a good match, you'll be able to volunteer doing something of interest and at the same time you will be helping the HOA and community preserve or enhance our quality of life. 

We currently have volunteers interested in working on a number of current issues:  bike planning, trees (tree health, trimming, planting, etc.) and plantings and status of traffic islands, and the Balsam/Olympic staircase, and homeless (folks living in RV's in the area, camping out on city streets, etc.). 

Please let us know of your interests and/or your concerns:  wssmhoa@gmail.com

 The LA City Animal Control Dept. has a new volunteer program that may be of  interest to you:

Reserve Animal Control Officer (RACO) Program
Are you interested in trying something different? The RACO Program welcomes volunteers to become Reserve Animal Control Officers serving in the same capacity as our Animal Control Officers.

The program requires a commitment of 16 hours of volunteer service each month at any one of our six Animal Care Centers for 3 months prior to the first class. This commitment will provide a great opportunity to serve and observe. Prospective candidates will learn about care and handling of a variety of animals, interface with Center, Medical, and Field Staff, work with Supervisors and become familiar with day-to-day operations. For those that are already volunteering, you’ve already learned this – and much more!

During this three month commitment, there will be an application process. Applicants must be a minimum of 21 years of age, a high school graduate or equivalent, and must have a current driver’s license. A background check, drug and alcohol screening will be performed as a part of the process. Prospective candidates should also be prepared for a physical requirement check. RACOs must be able to lift at least 70 pounds and sometimes in excess of 70 pounds. Other physical agility requirements, such as stooping, crawling, and bending, will also be tested.

The training program will run for approximately 6 months with a schedule of 4 hours on both Tuesday and Thursday evenings with classroom and field training during the program. Uniforms, equipment and training will be provided by the Department (at no cost to the RACO). We do, however, require a 1 year commitment of 16 hours per month after graduating from the class. We need you!

We are currently accepting applications from volunteers who have finished or will soon finish their required volunteer pre-service. Please complete a regular City Application located at: http://per.lacity.org/application.pdf and mail it to: RACO Program, LA Animal Services, 221 N. Figueroa St., Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA90012. The next class is expected to be this fall. Spaces are limited.

Your HOA Needs You!

The success of the homeowners association is due to the energy and time given by volunteers, whether as Board members, block captains, those who distribute flyers, make phone calls, do research, or attend hearings.  The important thing is that you enjoy the task at hand and that it contribute to meeting the association’s goals and needs.  If you are interested in finding out more about volunteering, please contact WSSM President Barbara Broide.  Include your email address, phone number and a good time to reach you.  Thanks!

***For a complete list of volunteer opportunities, click here.


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